Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Need a Lawyer But It Seems That Justice Comes to Only Those That Can Afford It.

The rich, mighty and powerful in this country seem to be able to afford justice and get off free from any wrongdoing, while Congess gives them total absolution.

I'm a Connecticut homeowner that needs a lawyer to prevent Bank of America from taking my home,but I can't afford one because, if I could, I would be able to pay my mortgage without having to apply for the President's HAMP program, which I was denied a modification from Bank of America after they fudged the fiqures so I couldn't qualify. I've sent a complaint to the OCC but they will probably give their own form of absolution to the big banks that are the actual leaders of this country.

Many have been rejected by Bank of America, because even if you qualify, they can cherry pick certain ones for the chopping block at will, without any oversight from Congress or the Treasury Department.

Thomas Jefferson warned us about the big banks over 2 hundred years ago and his warning was not heeded and it's now coming to pass as Banks are running the country, not our politicians. The economy is destroyed and the future holds no promise that it ever will be stable again unless the big banks are brought to their knees and we switch our business to the community banks and change this trend of mergers and the gobbling up of other businesses, only to create giants or should I say, monsters.

R. Mandell

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